loving you was for me

but now, loving me is for you

your touch warm

even when you feel like dying

I unconsciously leaned into it

enveloping me to the bone,

my heart leaned in too

Should I be cursing fate?

“I love you” was your last breath

for that moment,

you took mine away too

like a snow flake that melts away

on the first day of spring ,

you disappeared

I wish you really did

memories of you 

drown my senses

Warm, minty breathe

that lingers on my skin

Strong, veiny arms

that used to cage 

my entire existence

I should really be

cursing fate

I am putting back together

all the parts of me

that tattered with you

to live again 

for you


 I, the facade
 merely a charade
 I, the mask
 that tightly fits like a basque
 I, the grace earned
 through all that she endured
 I, the moonlight
 merely a light 
 through the bole 
 shone into her,
 pitch black soul
 I, the blank canvas
 that wraps all
 the truths shed through
 light and paint
 I, the persona
 the Desdemona
 of her Othello
 I, the facade 



“An embodiment of emptiness and placidity that emanates from the angst within. Its something not so blatantly visible with stoicism as a mode of escape. A cancerous plague that invades senses and grows deep and wild like a weed, insides breaking apart. Desperate for an escape to salve every part with calming comfort so deep and serene”


Coup de pot

I found you my love!
with whose perfection strikes me to the bone 
Dreamy like the hues of a sunset 
on the African mountains
Firm fleshed and soft
your gentle hands laid over my melanated skin
I found you my love!
a perfect storm
whose thunder rumbles are symphony to my ears...
strong winds make me feel like I'm souring high high above the sky
This is not a coincidence but 
I found you my love!
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